Solace Ministries UK
Caring for Orphans and Widows
Registered Charity No: 1114648


Solace Ministries UK Projects  

Regional Centers 

3 regional centers are currently been developed. They are based in Kabuga, Nyanza and Nyamata. These centers help the organization to reach out to it’s beneficiaries nearer to their own homes and environment. The centers serve important purposes such as;

Trauma Healing and Counseling - Solace have trained counselors who help beneficiaries to open up and many have shared their sad experiences during the genocide. They receive crucial support from the counselors who restore hope and a desire to live in them. Their needs are also addressed such as food, housing, school fees, medical care and funeral arrangements. 


Community Development Based Programs - Widows and young orphans are trained at the centre in crafts, embroidery, farming and tailoring. This helps them to generate income. 


Healthcare and Treatment Project - A clinic will also be based at the centre to help with the health needs of the widows and orphans. An HIV program has also been started at Solace Ministries because many widows and young girls were raped and contracted HIV during the genocide. These women are provided with counseling and anti-retroviral treatment (ARV). 




Children and Youth Camps - This operates during the holidays. The objectives of the camps are mainly trauma healing, re-establishing moral standards, preventing loneliness and despair, parenting and creating a network among youth without a family, so they can support one another.  




School Sponsorship Programme - Cost of Sending a Child to School. 
1. Primary School fees.This is £82 per child per year. Primary school lasts for 6years. 
2. Secondary School fees.The cost is £15 per month (or £180 per year) per child. Secondary school also lasts for 6years. 
3. Tertiary Education (University).This could cost between £350 to £450 per year, depending on the course studied.